rover 75 auto diesel not starting by ieak71

hi all , ive got a 2002 rover 75 diesel estate auto , it has a habbit of not starting and im getting a bit cheesed off with it now , ive owned it for 6 months now and in this time has failed to start on 3 occasions , it happens randomly when it feels like it , il unlock it get in turn the key and it just turns over without fireing up , ive noticed i cant hear the pump under the bonnet at all , i can lock it up walk away and come back 20mins later and itl fire up fine , however this is an issue and like today ( when i need it most ) its let me down , ANY IDEAS ? i feel if its what you fine people will say would be fuel pumps need replacing , why is it fine the rest of the time without issue ? if it happened everyday id lean towards it myself but happening every 2 months is very random ? HEEEEELP

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I've not experienced it myself, but I'm told the fuel pumps go intermittent before they fail completely. Tapping the pump is enough to restart it at this stage, so shutting the door could give it the shake to make it work.

Does this problem happen when cold, or only while the engine is hot? If only when hot, it could be the cam sensor.

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This is exactly what mine did, the intank pump had failed which put extra load on the under bonnet pump. The under bonnet pump eventually failed, the non starting issues I had were intermittent but over a period of a year.

Start by checking the intank pump, there is a 'How To' I think on this.



Whereabouts are you?

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hi all im in worthing sussex , BN14 , im going to look for the ' how to ' bit but im new to this , ive been out today to it and its still a no go , think its going to be long term

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In tank pump swap out.

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thanks mick , that is most helpful , very easy to understand even for me ,,,,,,,, i tried with my wire kit , connecting from battery earth to purple/white wire connected to pump under bonnet , cranked engine over and there was no power going to it , thought id try it again to be sure and then there was , i reconnected the plug to the pump again and hay presto its working again ( but for how long ) until the next time , is this a dodgy relay or connection or ? im even more stumped now , any info you can give ?

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just an update as this trail seems to have gone cold , the in tank pump and under bonnet pump have been replaced , 6 HOURS LATER its doing the same as before , so thats £450 ive just burned , any help now ? as i say itl be fine but then the under bonnet pump cant be herd ( no power going to it as tested ) then itl spring to life the next time its tried ( usually when youve walked away in disgust and come back sheepish )HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

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