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Sorry for the abrupt title.

Fred phoned me no more than 5 weeks ago to let me know the sad news he had been diagnosed with Cancer of the lungs, bones and liver.

He asked that nobody made a fuss as this was his way.

He was quite realistic about what was inevitable and in his own words "I don't want to hang about" The plan was for me to get his car through the MOT as it runs out the end of November. This was so he could drive as long as possible and therefore still be able to see his family. Sadly this will not be needed.

This morning I have had a call from Peter, his son.

Peter has told me Fred Died on bonfire night and was cremated this morning at 8:40am in what is known as A pure service in line with Freds wishes. As I understand it this is a private service.

Fred to me was an absolute oracle of information, there wasn't a subject that he didn't know about or have an opinion on. He was outspoken, he would listen to alternative views and he was honest, qualities that we should all wish to have.

Should anyone wish to donate, Freds chosen charity is Cancer research.

Fred I shall miss you my friend.

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Posted 13 Nov 2013, 11:25 #1 

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RIP Fred.

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Sad news, RIP Fred

Posted 13 Nov 2013, 16:50 #3 

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Sad news,

RIP Fred.

Posted 14 Nov 2013, 12:46 #4 

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Sad to hear this news. RIP Fred.

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

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RIP Fred

Posted 20 Nov 2013, 10:34 #6