Removing Dashboard eyebrow by Dave Goody

Dave Goody
Can anyone tell me how the eybrow comes off? Need to move the infra red thingy to improve the steering wheel audio controls.
Have looked underneath and looks like 2 clips but nothing seems to move? All advice appreciated Dave

Posted 10 Oct 2010, 15:50 #1 

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A fine bladed screwdriver can be used as a lever to pop out the eye-brow filler panel Dave. Ease it out from the front.

The eye-brow is then removed by unscrewing the two screws which will now be visible.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 10 Oct 2010, 15:54 #2 

Dave Goody
Thanks Paul, all is obvious now. Dave :D
Just had a day resealing rear lamps with silicon + side strip clips and managed to overtighten one which has popped out of strip [damn]
Getting a bit dark now as car in shade. Eyebrow is a job for tomorrow.

Posted 10 Oct 2010, 16:05 #3