Removal Tool for Chrome Wheel Nut caps by GagHalfrunt

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Like a number of people I bought those Chrome Caps off e-Bay to cover the boring wheel nuts I had after changing to Gridspokes.

Silly question but how on Earth am I supposed to get them off? I see some sellers sold them with a Removal Tool but the one I used certainly didn't.

A bit of a worry as I need new rear tyres shortly.

Posted 08 Jun 2010, 19:53 #1 

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Might be to late and therefore a silly question,
did you put copper ease or similar in the caps?
They were quite easy to remove when I changed mine (screwdriver and Pliers in a protective sleeve to prevent scratching) from them to the proper new nuts.

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Posted 08 Jun 2010, 22:41 #2 

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No John, that would imply proactive thinking now wouldn't it! :-)

Posted 09 Jun 2010, 21:43 #3 

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You can try the removal tool that came with mine if you want as you are only just down the road when I'm at work.
If I'm at work, that is. ;)
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Posted 10 Jun 2010, 01:06 #4 

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Thanks Bernard, I might take you up on that offer once I'm back from hols! 8-)

Posted 11 Jun 2010, 18:54 #5