Remote Key/locking issue . . . by Tourerfogey

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When my car was about 2 years old (about 6 years ago!) the key fob I was using packed up - well actually all that had happened was that the microswitch inside came adrift and when I tried to solder it back together I buggered it up completely . . .

So, I stopped using that key and have been using the other one ever since. I have twice succesfully resoldered one of the microswitches back in place and it still works fine :)

Back to key number 1 - I have today, finally (after 6 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)soldered in a replacement microswitch but the key was still dead - so I replaced the battery and the little light in the key came on for about 15 secs and then went out. However, the key still won't lock or unlock the car and the light on the key doesn't come on when either of the buttons are pressed . . .

Hope you're keeping up with me here ? . . .

So, my question is . . . what is my question???? . . .oh yeah, has the key just lost its coding because its had a dead battery in it for X number of years, or is it likely to be not working for other reasons?

Answers on a virtual postcard please . . .

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The key shouldn't lose it's coding because of a dead battery. It's written into permanent memory.

It could lose synchronisation, the 'rolling' code part could be wrong, However that wouldn't explain the lack of the LED (Light Emitting Diode) working.

So it could be a dirty battery contact, or even the new battery being duff. That's my guess anyway.

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