Recycling parts from one model to another. by Duncan

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Just a passing observation. I've been trying to get an 80mm O ring for the intake system on the R45 for weeks now. They are available for a fair price from Rimmers, but with the delivery charge it's silly money. I do seem to have hassle every time I order to, though I believe that's not the norm.

So I tried ebay, no chance, unless I by O ring cord and make my own. No problem except the cost of a bottle of the proper glue.

Now, while doing an oil and filter change yesterday on the 75, popped the O ring off the filter cover and guess what! 80mm. So I put the new on on the 75, and the used one has now been fitted to the 45s air filter box.

Posted 23 Oct 2011, 08:56 #1