Rear scuttle pan by fredadog

Anybody tell me how to get to scuttle pan at rear is it front or rear of back wheel i have got water in rear footwell none in front

Posted 09 Jun 2012, 21:48 #1 

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Have you checked under the carpet at the front? water always shows in the rear footwell 1st. Usually a sign of a blocked plenum. Once the water shows in the rear footwell you have around 4 litres of water under your carpet. Check under the rear seat, if that is dry almost certainly coming from the front plenum :)
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Posted 10 Jun 2012, 06:31 #2 

how can it show in rear footwell first Ive cleaned the hole at passenger side is there one under brake servo on drivers side as well?

Posted 10 Jun 2012, 21:26 #3 

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Dave is correct. The rear is deeper, so it collects there having run downhill from the front. Mine was all in the rear left footwell, the leak was from the dashboard area, althoough not the plenum in the end.

Posted 11 Jun 2012, 08:43 #4