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Hi all I need an idiots guide to removing the rear bench in my 2001 75 Cdt, I need to remove this to dry the underside after the previous owner let a boot leak go untreated until I found the swimming pool in the boot after buying it and now the complete sound deadening is soaked under the bench.

I have used the search function on the site and didn't find anything, I have been able to pull the front of the bench up off the retainers and get as much dried as possible but would really need to get the stuff out to dry properly.

Also would it be the boot leak that would do this or would a leak from somewhere else also get under there as I have the boot sorted now but would like to sort any other potential leaks.


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Cheers mate got the rear bench out and the soun proofing was very wet, couldn't get it completely out of the car as didn't remove the top part of the rear bench therefore couldn't pull the sound proofing out. I have dried it as much as possible and also propped it up o allow air at it so hopefully it will dry out.

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The easiest way is to get a broom handle or similar, and cut a V shaped notch in it.

Where the seatbelts come through, there's a part that lifts up to allow the buckles to push through.

Then if you pull up the front retainers like you did, and look underneath, you will see part of the metal frame hooked round a clip fixed to the car body. The broom handle will help you push / lift this off. It will be fairly obvious when you look underneath.

Finally, you have to undo a big torx bolt that holds the centre seatbelt to the floor as it's looped through the bench.

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Thanks now have a the sound proofing dry and the rear bench back in, feels good to have the car back together, just a master cylinder and abs sensor to be done then will treat it to a service.

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