'Real life' and Burghley House... Saturday June 12th 2010 by Zeb

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In amidst the online maelstrom that are the forums just now, real life does actually continue... ;) So it was a real pleasure to be able to meet up with Jake in one of the more...*ahem* rural villages in Lincolnshire so we could travel down to Stamford together for the Burghley House meet. The weather was fabulous, the company good and the V6 190 running fantastically as always. A 140 mile journey there and back in total..and Jake paid half the fuel costs - much appreciated by the way! A tenner each for a great day out isn't bad! :D

Given the on / off nature of the cancelled meet and the long discussion held online as to which day it was going to be, it was perhaps rather fortuitous that, on arrival, we found Mick and Stubie already there and enjoying the sunshine. We were parked as far away from everybody else as we could manage which meant we weren't about to disturb anybody else with the revving of engines and what-not...this made it a much less public affair when Mick decided to give old Zeb a good rodding :shock: ....good job it was only the plenums really eh... :D

Moving swiftly on...nice cappucinos and such-like were to be had near to the waterpark.....with Mick opting for some girly latte thing if I remember correctly :lol: during which we discussed many things...we had a laugh, took the proverbial out of anyone and anything that came to mind and made the most of the sunshine. :D

On returning to the cars we were greeted with a fly-by by the Red Arrows and various songs being blasted out by 'Bjorn Again's' roadies as they set up for the evening's concert...all very mellow....and THEN Jake broke my internal passenger chrome door surround.. :hissyfit: ....how he did it even he doesn't know! The first thing to fall off the car since the exhaust, whilst being MOT'd :roll: Still, we did think of a few suggestions for Stubie in his quest for the answer to his LWB V6 issues....dunno if any of them'll be any use though.... :scared:

Now there has been the odd occasion when Mick and I have not seen eye to eye....principally because he is a short-arse... :lol: but life is almost as short, friends are important and its better to disagree and settle your differences than waste your life being unhappy....there is probably a moral in that somewhere... ;)

So tonight, as a storm rages outside I just want to :cheers: to the other three for making the effort and valuing each other....

Oh yes, we did talk about cars too... a bit...Mick even took some photos... :?

And after all that, it helped convince Jake to keep his CDTi ZT-T even though he is poorer than a very poor student....good on you mate! :D

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