Radio aerial by tcable

Recently my heated rear window has started interfering with my car radio, i know the radio aerial is the rear window element and several of mine are damaged/missing, i tried repairing them with some special silver paint that i bought from Halfords but the elements are too small and the end result looked awful, even using masking tape.

So my question is are there any other methods of aerial i can fit?? i dont really want to drill any holes in the bodywork but if i have to......

Has anybody else fitted an aerial, if so, how did it look?

Any advice that can be given will be greatly appreciated as always

Posted 04 Sep 2011, 20:07 #1 

Anybody any ideas??

Posted 05 Sep 2011, 20:54 #2 

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Repairing the window is the best way, unless you feel like shelling out for a new one.

Probably best to put the paint on, then carefully scrape the excess off. I've done the first bit and it stopped the interference, I just haven't trimmed it back yet so I have silver blobs!

Posted 06 Sep 2011, 15:53 #3