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Last year i joined the RAC online and it only cost me £28 for roadside which will include a tow upto 10miles if car cannot be fixed at roadside also it is personal based so i am covered in any car...

I joined because if the worse happened i did'nt want my car left at the roadside...

Just got the reminder in a couple of weeks ago for £50.50 with a letter stating it was fixed at last years price....

So i phoned them and pointed out that i only paid £28 last year...

After giving all my details they apologised and said i only had to pay the £28..

The moral here is do not accept just anything without a fight...
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Posted 14 Jun 2010, 11:24 #1 

I had to join on the side of the road when I broke down. Cost me £100 to do it there and then as I needed "immediate help". Hope mines not fixed at last years prices!! :?

Posted 14 Jun 2010, 11:33 #2 

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Whatever the renewal is, phone them and haggle. Mine was fixed at last years price £115.00 less no callout discount £89.00. Five minute phone call £65.00 Result

Posted 14 Jun 2010, 15:09 #3 

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In the land that time forgot, I used to work for RAC membership services in Trafford, Manchester. If you were in a breakdown situation you would be charged a premium to join and you would be on your way. Also some people used the RAC as a repair service for their car expecting to be put on the road on every occasion of breakdown due to flat battery, no petrol, etc. These people usually had their membership cancelled after the 4th call out.

However I do believe that the RAC Recovery is better than the AA Relay. Took me 12 hours from Cornwall to Manchester with AA Relay, the coach would have taken 10 hours, so I would have got to the pub before closing time :D

Posted 14 Jun 2010, 22:02 #4 

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in almost a year i've had the AA out 3 times for my 75 , they did alright but i have never been in the rac to comment on them

Posted 15 Jun 2010, 15:43 #5 

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I found the RAC were becoming more and more interested in anything other than motoring services some years ago so I swapped to CSMC, who use Britannia.

Never had a single problem with them. Used them quite a lot until I discovered the 75.

One thing they do on recovery, is to get you home if it's after working hours, then transport your car to the appropriate garage next morning.

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