Quinton Hazell & Bosal UK in liquidation!!!! by Roverite

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The March 'Car Mechanics' magazine carries an editorial, outlining the collapse of Quinton Hazell and Bosal UK. QH has been well known for replacement parts, initially not top quality, but today they are, or were, a well respected parts supplier of items such as water pumps, steering and suspension parts and in recent years as OE suppliers to, Aston Martin,JLR, GM, Nissan and Volvo. They were taken over by Klarius in 2010 and they are thought to have caused the collapse. The Colwyn Bay factory has already lost 79 of the 83 workforce and Klarius' Lancaster plant has closed with a loss of 117 jobs. Tetrosyl-Tec Ltd have purchased the intellectual property rights, but whether they will re-start production is uncertain.

Bosal is a company founded in 1977 to produce exhausts and more recently, cats and DPFs. The decline of exhaust sales due to better OE quality and stainless steel, was partly to blame, but a multi million pound lawsuit from 48 workers made redundant eight years ago, was the final straw.

This is obviously bad for those being made redundant, but it could be a worry for future parts supplies and is another case of lost manufacturing, at a time when we most need it.


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