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We have some audio that has been recorded on a Dictaphone jobby device, but the audio is very quiet when transferred to the PC. I've tried burning to a CD but have the same problem. Is there anyway to cheaply or for free to process the file to increase the volume before burning without causing any significant quality loss? The files aren't recorded in high quality to start with so any further loss would just melt my ear drums.


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Oh the files are in WAV off the device if that helps. I said MP3 as I converted using EAC. Even tried flac but the same problem.

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Guessing you've already tried Audacity?

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I would have suggested Audacity as well David, or, if you can find it, DART.

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I'll give audacity a whirl. Didn't want to install loads and loads of programs to find they were naff. Thanks chaps :)

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