Quick technical scan needed nearby Aldershot, Hampshire by rmdd

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Hello all,

:hail: I am in need of a kind forum member, who is willing to check out a donorcar for me in the UK near by Aldershot, Hampshire. Here is the link to it: http://www.cmrexport.co.uk/salvage-vehi ... matic/1264

I let my son drive in my car and unfortunately he had an accident with a fence :oops: :shock:
Luckily he's allright, but my car is a wreck. No victims but me in my heart. :nurse: So after the shock I had some words with him :whump: :mad1:

My plan is getting the donor car to Holland. Haven’t got that sorted out yet but it will cost money anyway, which I don’t have enough at the moment. Either I can let the seller deliver to NL or I can arrange a cheaper transport from Holland. I will join the transport from Holland. Maybe we can meet each other for a short time somewhere, depending of the ferry departure time. Cheap ticket is depart within 4 hours. Please send me your address and phone number. We will contact each other then. Both opportunities I have in treatment.

The donor car is suitable for my plans to exchange all the front (sub)frames, shields, bumper, bonnet and left wing and door (which is also scratched lying on its side for short time)

What I wanted to ask you is to contact the seller and examine the car on site for my restoring plans. If the car is assumed suitable could you arrange a reservation, so I can pick up the car later, within a month, as I believe to be ready with further transport arrangements (and money)

I will gladly pay your petrol to Aldershot, Hampsire v.v. and send you an amount for the reservation then. Let me know how much you need for everything.

Also some piccies from the damage overall of my damaged baby: an MG TF. (The missis has a rover 75)

Hope somebody can help me out with this.

Regards, Ralph

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Posted 15 Jan 2014, 12:33 #1