Pulsing tickover, increased engine vibration and labouring by Trickydicky

Can anybody help with the following symptoms.

The engine is pulsing slightly when in neutral, the engine vibration is increased and sounds very dull. When I put the automatic gearbox into drive the pulsing becomes very noticable and makes the car lurch and vibrate even more. When driving at low revs it is lumpy, once the turbo kicks in it goes fine but still the engine noise is very dull. Not at all the noise I am used to.

The only thing that is different is the car was serviced recently. As I have not had it long I replaced all filters and oils/fluids. All levels are still perfect. I did nearly a thousand miles in the vehicle last week despite the described symptoms, just need to put it in neutral at junctions. Something obviuosly wrong I am anxious to correct though.

Posted 16 Sep 2012, 12:43 #1 

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Was the autobox fluid changed and with the correct type?
Very important that the correct procedure is followed.
Our more technically minded people will have more ideas/solutions I think.
Possible MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) fault, how many miles has car covered?

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