Pre Move Clearout by JakeWilson

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Evening all, (Hope this is OK mods, please delete if not.)

Need to have a last minute clear out before I move out to Germany on Thursday. I'll keep updating the list as I find stuff, but off the top of my head I know I've the following.

Complete Mk2 ZT Technical Dash Set - £25 posted.SOLD

Complete Mk1 ZT Rhodium (Early metal backed type - so a nice quality fit) SOLD

Smokestone Vanity Mirrors - SOLD

Smokestone Heater Closure Panels - £12 posted.

Diesel Preheater FBH (Fuel burning heater.) (Untested, but with exhaust and muffler - in good condition - £65 plus £10 psoted.

1.8 Torpedos - £8 posted.
2.0 Torpedos - £15 posted.
CDT Torpedos - £15 posted.

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Quick bump as have been reminded they're all still sat in the spare room!:-S

Posted 19 Oct 2011, 15:01 #2 

Hi Jake,
Pm sent about rhodium dash set.


Posted 20 Oct 2011, 20:59 #3 

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Both dash sets and visors provisionally sold!

Posted 24 Oct 2011, 21:49 #4