Powerfold Switch Pack & Highline Parts by JakeWilson

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Evening all,

A power fold switch pack in great condition. Came from a low mileage car, very nice finish condition indeed.


£55 posted

2 x BM24 Radio Modules. These are a massive improvement on the original Rover Radio modules on the highline set up. Dual tuners allow for TMC without having to listen to Classic FM, pre-stored radio stations are displayed on the screen as a scrollable list (same with CD's) and most notably improved sound quality - £120 posted each

1 x BM54 Radio Module - Tried and tested in my own car, the later radio module for the highline system, improving on the above features. This is the flat pin version. £140 posted

1 x Powerfold Switchpack - £55 posted

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I'm very interested in the sandstone & Walnut Steering wheel...are you able to send it to the Netherlands??? And if so...can you send me a few clear pictures from both sides? Don't know how mutch it will cost to send it to the Netherlands.
Thanks in advance.

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Steering wheel now sold, powerfold switchpack reduced and highline components added.

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PM you.

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