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I’m thinking of getting a mate round to help me with lifting doors off etc and have a go at fitting the cross-body loom myself. I did post on the “other” forum about this, and somebody said that the connectors inside that rubber hose between the door and body might not have sockets for it though.

Now, what I don’t want to do is get the doors off etc then find the connectors are wrong. So what I need to figure out is this… are the orange/red wires purely for the cross-body stuff? We used my existing loom on the o/s door (cos we didn’t want to start stripping out the finger-trap sensor or whatever it is), and Bernard fitted the orange wires out of the loom I got with the powerfolds to my existing loom. If you're still with me.

On the n/s door, there’s no finger-trap sensor, so Ben just removed my loom and fitted the one that came with the PF’s.

But if the orange/red wires in the doors are just for cross-body control, and Bernard found sockets to plug them into between the door and wing, am I naïve to presume that sockets will be there on the opposite side of those connectors, to plug in the cross-body loom that Paul made, and so carry the connection on over to the n/s door?

Hope you can understand my ramblings…


Posted 14 Apr 2014, 11:38 #41