Power brick question by Dave

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Hi folks

The power brick (adapter) on Gill's laptop has packed up, and she's been having to borrow mine! As both of our batteries are useless, this means we're having to take it in turns to log on! :( :(

Both laptops are Toshiba, and our old one was too - and for some reason we had two bricks for that one - so I've dug them out and we've tried one that seems to be working. However, just a little concerned over the power input/output info

The two current ones are marked with output as 19v-3.95A, whereas the old one is 19v-3.42A (both have the same input rating) Are we OK to use the 3.42A one on a 3.95A laptop? Guessing that lower power in is better than higher power in, but is the adapter going to be overworked and/or go bang?


Posted 16 Oct 2014, 11:41 #1 

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Should be fine, just fractionally slower charging.

Posted 16 Oct 2014, 16:00 #2 

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Cheers Mick! As the thing is connected all the time, then I guess that shouldn't even be noticeable! :)

Posted 16 Oct 2014, 16:14 #3 

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As Mick says Dave, probably wouldn't even notice the charging time difference. Permanently connected, as you say, no difference.

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Cheers Paul! :mrgreen:

Posted 16 Oct 2014, 17:55 #5