Position of washer jets on a facelift bumper? by Duncan

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I have the jets pipes and all to fit headlamp washers to my facelift. However I'm not sure where to make the holes in the bumper because its not marked.

The two jets differ, and I can't tell which one is which either (left and right). I can guess at the shape of the hole required.

Perfection would be if someone had a facelift bumper with headlamp wash holes and could do a 'brass rubbing' of the hole and position. Otherwise, any guidance on the position of the jets, and a photo to identify left and right would be a great help.

Failing that, if you have a facelift with headlamp wash, don't come to the Nano as some mad bloke will prise the jets out with a screwdriver.

Posted 14 Aug 2011, 20:22 #1