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JohnDotCom wrote:
O.K.it's a lot easier for me to find out because I can look at the figures on the T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) but the same results can be found by trial and error remembering to include leaving the maf section switched off.


Please remember the above is only relevant re switching off the Bosch MAFs the Pierburg MAFs always require the Mafam section to be turned on to work.

Thanks for that John forgot to include that very important point.

Sounds like a result Jon glad to hear it's improved things above 3000 revs just goes to show what a difference a setting can make.

Full T4 diagnostics, options enabled and disabled p.m for details

Posted 12 Jun 2010, 19:46 #41 

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the car is definitely fixed :D it now pulls in higher gears like a turbo diesel should do.l went on the motorway for a long drive and couldnt belive how much more surge the car has in 5th gear.the 50 to 70mph time is a lot better than before without having to floor it and when you do floor it its off like a scolded cat.what suprised me most was the fact the reliable pierburg maf was faulty and the unreliable bosch was good.it just goes to show how badly out that pierburg maf was and how glad l am that its still under warranty

Posted 14 Jun 2010, 12:01 #42 

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it just goes to show , that to get the best from a synergy 2 , it really needs to go on a t4 or a rolling road... i have just fitted a synergy 2, and yes its loads better and its sorted my out of spec maf ," big flat spot below 2000rpm". but as for where i have set it who knows if its right ... :confused: think mines a old unit, as you have to use a small screw driver to set it ... will there be any meets in the midlands area with a t4 ? i would gladly pay russ to set things up.

Posted 21 Jun 2010, 21:36 #43 

After having a remap and leaving my maf unplugged:

I now do 50-70 in about 7.5-7.9s in 5th compared to 11seconds previously.

Also, pulls in 3rd up to the redline with a positively delightful noise for a diesel :D

Posted 23 Jun 2010, 15:14 #44