plastic retainers by skin77

does anybody have the part no.s for the platic retainers that pop in through the wiper cover plate under the windscreen ? the ones that are a bugger to get off and when they do come out they launch themselves into orbit?

also the little scrivets, for want of a better word, that go in the plenum cover ?

i did search for the keywords and couldn't find anything, hopefully i'm not repeating a thread.



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I also looked on Rimmer Bros site but none of the exploded diagrams showed the parts i was looking for, although i may have been looking in the wrong places !

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EYC101470PMA Clip - Black - windscreen scuttle panel.

Scrivets can be had for very little money from Halfords, The one securing the plenum cover is not actually necessary as it is held in by the rubber weather seal.

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Thanks Mick,
i knew i was looking in the wrong place !

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