Pierburg Maf by stroheim

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I have a synergy 2 with the maf side switched off and with the standard bosch maf. I am considering changing to the peirburg maf and switching on the the maf side on the synergy. Although I get a fairly good performance with the present setup I think it may have gone out of spec especially on the low end torque. I have done 61K and regularly clean the maf but I am now thinking its time for a change , would the car benifit from fitting the peirburg ?

Posted 30 Jul 2010, 11:39 #1 

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Perhaps one of the best ways to make that decision is to disconnect the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) sensor and drive for a short while. If the performance improves then it is a good idea to change your MAF sensor :)

Don't leave it disconnected for very long though as you'll drink fuel like it's going out of fashion. I would suggest you'll have the information you need within say, 10 miles.

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Hi thanks for the reply disconnected the MAF but the acceleration and performance felt lumpy so I cleaned the MAF with switch cleaner from Malpins and the car runs much better now. I have an oil impregnated air filter which I cleaned and re-oiled several months ago but cleaned the Maf a few times after that in case of oil contamination. I suppose thats the problem with these recycleable filters and Mafs. The original bosch |Maf seems to be holding up so I don't think I'll go for the peirburg now

Posted 01 Aug 2010, 14:59 #3