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Has anyone got an old pc tower, that works, that they dont want anymore who would like to donate for our son,
He had a tower ,and we bought him an o2 dongle complete with data access on it,for his birthday, but he didnt realise his supposed friend ,that he,d let stay with him, rent free,had damaged it,
So now he has a dongle that cant be used, so if anyone has an old tower ,thats sat gathering dust could we have it for Simon, pretty please.

Posted 10 Apr 2011, 20:57 #1 

bumpy bump

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 13:12 #2 

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goodlittlewifey wrote:bumpy bump

I checked in the store at work but nothing doing sorry :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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ok thanks for trying Paul xx

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Can't help as all our old ones are sold on.
There is generally several on EBay with reasonable spec for under £100.

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Moved to "Wanted" forum.

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i have i dell laptop for £80??
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