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Not exactly a new problem, but we are going to have to start to keep track of which brands / manufacturers of parts are OK, and which are not.

My recent problem: I started to get a groaning noise from the front suspension when turning, sounded like springs boinging or grinding in the mounts. Then I had an idea, I'd heard some reports of replacement droplinks failing prematurely and rattling. Although my symptom was different, I wondered if they had gone stiff and were causing the problem. Having seen threads on this, I'd bought some OEM ones from BoB when they sold some ex factory stock off.

Sure enough, popped the end of the worst suspect (NS) off and the noise went so replaced both links, good as new. The old links had seized pretty badly, and popping the rubber boot off showed the ball to be completely corroded. Not bad for 7000 miles when the originals were better after over 100k.

Worse, the wishbone rear bushes fitted at the same time are splitting already.

So it's clear that we can't rely on the quality of some replacement parts from some sources. Like I said at the start, we probably need to start to keep a track of what suppliers are good, and which aren't.

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Bermudan 75
Excellant idea.

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Good idea Duncan!

We've noticed this with suspension too. Some arms have been of a good quality casting and others not for example. The same with the bushes, however will be switching the other tourer to powerflex when the engine comes out as the first set in my car seem to be doing rather well.

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That's all very good but you will find that suppliers change their manufacturing suppliers all the time - usually because of price issues....
Regards, Bill


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I have heard bad things about the front lower wishbone rear bushes, especially cheap ones on eBay. When I replaced mine I bought Unipart items from Jules, which have a bit more rubber than the OEM ones, and he says they last well.

I did notice that the new pack of clips (genuine MGRover) for the chrome side finishers were not as good as those already fitted on the car, but I don't know of any alternatives.

Posted 06 Sep 2012, 06:56 #5