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Part numbers for some of the common spares. Originally posted by Mike, Lates, Jules, Grey Ghost and some others.
Please add any more that you think would be helpful

WLD100591-fuel cap

JKR000030 - filter - pollen, air intake

JKR100193 Filter-pollen/odour air intake

SOM100030 brake pad wear lead front

SOE100010 brake pad wear lead back

JTF100160A External temp sensor (lower grille front bumper)

DJP646LNF boot floor trim clips

SFP100511 Front Brake Pads All Models except below.

SFP000040 Front Brake Pads for MG ZT 190 PS/ZT-T 190 PS

SFP100520 Rear Brake Pads All Models.

VUL100310 connector loom/lead for Harmony with cd changer

FPC100200 Catch assembly-bonnet safety 1(latch that pokes thro' grille on pre Project DRive 75s)

YUB101180PUY Switch pack-seat adjust driver

FJI 100150ANV LHS centre console cup holder (walnut front)
FJI 100140ANV RHS (driver) side centre console cup holder (Walnut front)

AFU4091A Lamp-trunk/loadspace interior courtesy

VUB102160 Kit-recharge torch attachment cable only 1

NEC101000 Coil-dry ignition - short - (-) pencil top coil KV6

EYC000380 door trim, retaining clip (AKA Kickplate retaining clips)

floor mat retaining clips 2
EAK100110 Black
EAK100120 Grey
EAK100130 Beige

DTC10054MNH Trim-centre roadwheel - Silver Sparkle, alloy. 4 (fits Unions)

DYB100120 roof bar holes plug 8

RRJ100080 Cap-road wheel security bolt

DAB101610 front badge Rover 75

DAB101431 Badge assembly-rear - 75 trunklid badge pre-Project Drive

XDE100830SCD roof console inc sunroof switch Sandstone Beige

FJV101760ANV Finisher assembly cup holder housing blank - RH, Burr Walnut

XDE100820LPR Lamp-rear headlining interior courtesy - Light Smokestone

EYB10009 plug blanking boot lid inside face

DAQ1000080MMM side engine badge 2.5 litre

DAB101180 'D' post (rear quarter) Rover shield badge

VUB105400 CD Changer

XGB100310 indicator side repeater

NSK100010 crank sensor kit V6 Manual

EYB100190 PMA scuttle panel finisher plug (goes in the spare wiper hole)

EYC101470PMA Clip - Black - windscreen scuttle panel (those 7 under windscreen scuttle panel clips we always lose )

YEB000180 Horn assembly - low note

YEB101130 Horn assembly - high note

DCP5671A Screw - flanged head - horn mounting

DQ000020MMM ZT or 75 Drivers side Exhaust heat shield

LPW100160 2.5 V6 Oil Filter

ALU1403 Aluminium Sump Plug Washer

XFH100400 Saloon Rear Light Cluster Gasket

XBQ100810 MkI Clip on Beam deflectors

Requirements to retrofit Headlamp Washers
DNH101440 Powerwash Hose & Jet assembly
DMJ000070 Washer bottle rubber pump grommet
DMC100580 Powerwash pump
SYC100440 Clips (hose to connectors)
YYC102910 Clips (hose to bumber)
DNJ100980XXX Offside Jets
DNJ100990XXX Nearside jets

UMB100090 Reverse light switch

93170402 'Premium Red Antifreeze' Vauxhall dealer part number.

WGS100031 Petrol Fuel Filter Assembly to VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) 1D225075 (No Longer available)
WGS100032 Petrol Fuel Filter Assembly Replaces above and is standard fit on all later models.
WGS100072 Petrol Fuel Filter Internal for WGS100032
WJC000230 Orange Fuel filter clip for WGS100032

KKH101402. Rod assembly-lower tie

Air filters
Petrol all models PHE 100460
2.0 Diesel PHE 100500

Fuel filters
Petrol,all models WFL 000090
2.0 Diesel WJI 100000

Oil filters
1.8 Petrol, all models LPW 100180
2.0/2.5 Petrol KV6 LPW 100160
2.0 diesel LRF 100150

Pollen filters
All models JKR 100183
Odour filter JKR 100193

Glow plugs
Diesel, all models NCC 100120

Spark plugs
Petrol,all models except LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) NLP 100290
Petrol, LPG conversion NLP 000090

Wiper blades
Blade - windscreen wiper driver DKC 100940
Blade - windscreen wiper passenger DKC 100950
Tourer,Blade - backlight wiper DKC 000120

Fuel pumps
Petrol, up to 2D225075 WFX 101160
Petrol, from 2D225076 XNB 000030
Diesel, all models WFX 100933

Timing belts
1.8 Petrol, all models LHN 100560
2.0 / 2.5 KV6,front LHN 100410
2.0 / 2.5 KV6,rear LHN 100420

Timing Chain
2.0 Diesel lower MVF 100070
2.0 Diesel upper LHN 100840

Alternator belts
1.8 Petrol, all models - exc : air con PQS 100840
1.8 Petrol, all models - air con only PQS 101180
2.0/2.5 Petrol KV6 - exc : air con PQS 101261
2.0/2.5 Petrol KV6, air con only PQS 101272
2.0 Diesel PQS 101300

Brake disc,front ( 1 set )
All models - exc 190PS MGZT/ZT-T SDB 000880
MGZT 190PS/ZT-T 190PS SDB 000420

Brake disc,rear ( 1 set )
Saloon, up to 3D273714 - exc:190PS MGZT SDB 000870
Tourer, up to 3D273714 - exc: MGZT-T/2.5 Tourer SDB 000870
MG ZT/ZT-T/2.5 Tourer, up to 2D252351 SDB 000010
All models,from 3D273715 SDB 000870

Brake pads,front ( 1 set )
All models - exc : 190PS MG ZT/ZT-T SFP 100511
MG ZT 190PS ZT-T 190PS SFP 000040

Brake pads,rear ( 1 set )
All models SFP 100520

Handbrake shoes, rear ( 1 set )
All models SFS 100190

Handbrake cables
Front,all models SPB 101410
Rear, all models up to 3D280037 SPB 101550
Rear, all models up to 3D280038 SPB 000230

Clutch cover
1.8/2.0 Petrol KV6 - exc : 1.8 turbo URB 100702
1.8 Turbo Petrol URB 100851
2.0 Diesel URB 100652
2.5 Petrol KV6 URB 100851

Clutch Plates
1.8 petrol - exc : 1.8 turbo UQB 100972
1.8 Turbo petrol UQB 100853
2.0/2.5 Petrol KV6 UQB 100853
2.0 Diesel UQB 100853

Clutch Release Bearings
All models - exc : 2.0 Diesel UUB 100193
2.0 Diesel UUB 105301

All models PCC 000960

1.8 Petrol - exc : 1.8 Turbo PEL 10016
1.8 Turbo petrol PEL 000170
2.0 Diesel PEL 100570
2.0/2.5 KV6 ( with housing ) PEM 101050

Water Pumps
1.8 Petrol, all models PEB 10051
2.0 Diesel PEB 102470
2.0/2.5 petrol KV6 PEB 102240

1.8 Petrol,manual, up to 1D224289 YGD 100950
1.8 Petrol,manual, from 1D224290 YGD 000290
1.8 auto / 2.0 / 2.5 Petrol YGD 000120
2.0 Diesel YGD 000120

Exhaust systems
Catalytic convertor
1.8 Petrol - exc:1.8 turbo WCJ 000521
1.8 Turbo Petrol WAG 000660
2.0 Diesel WCJ 101001
2.0 / 2.5 Petrol KV6 - exc MGZT/ZT-T WCJ000391
MG ZT/ZT-T ECJ 000391
MG ZT/ZT-T, 2.5 petrol KV6 WCD 001070

1.8 Turbo Petrol WCD001650 ( all other models downpipes and cats are complete )

1.8 Petrol - exc: 1.8 Turbo WCE 104330
1.8 Turbo Petrol WCE 000530
2.0 / 2.5 Petrol KV6 - exc : ZT/ZT-T WCE 104350
MG ZT / ZT-T, 2.5 Petrol KV6 WCE 000530

Manifold to convertor
2.0 Diesel WCD 000220

Rear assemblies
Saloon, 1.8 Petrol - exc : 1.8 turbo / ZT WCG 102840
Tourer, 1.8 Petrol - exc: 1.8 turbo / ZT-T WCG 000270
Saloon, 1.8 Turbo petrol - exc:ZT WDE 000550
Tourer, 1.8 Turbo petrol - exc : ZT-T WDE 000560
Saloon, 2.0/2.5 Petrol - exc:ZT WCG 102831
Tourer, 2.0/2.5 Petrol - exc: ZT-T WCG 000280
Saloon, 2.0 Diesel WCG 102831
Tourer, 2.0 Diesel WCG 000291
MG ZT Saloon, 1.8 Turbo Petrol WCG 000300
MG ZT-T Tourer, 1.8 Turbo Petrol WCG 000310
MG ZT saloon, 2.0 Diesel WCG 000530
MG ZT-T Tourer, 2.0 Diesel WCG 000540
MG ZT saloon, 2.5 Petrol, 160PS WCG 000340
MG ZT saloon, 2.5 Petrol, 190PS WCG 000300
MG ZT-T Tourer, 2.5 Petrol, 160PS WCG 000350
MG ZT-T Tourer, 2.5 Petrol, 190PS WCG 000310

Headlamps, RHD vehicles
All models, RH up to 4D297145 XBC 002540
All models, LH up to 4D297145 XBC 002550
Black bezel, RH from 4D297146 up to 4D321637 XBC 002630
Black bezel, LH from 4D297146 up to 4D321637 XBC 002640
Headlamps, xenon, all models, RH, up to 4D321637 XBC 104000
Headlamps, xenon, all models, LH, up to 4D321637 XBC 104010
Headlamps, xenon, all models, RH, from 4D321638 XBC 002800
Headlamps, xenon, all models, LH, from 4D321638 XBC 002810
Headlamp projector,RH, from 4D321638 - exc: MGZT/ZT-T XBC 002760
Headlamp projector,LH, from 4D321638 - exc: MGZT/ZT-T XBC 002770
MG ZT / ZT-T, headlamp projector, RH, from 4D321638 XBC 002800
MG ZT / ZT-T, headlamp projector, LH, from 4D321638 XBC 002790

Headlamps, LHD vehicles
on request - dont fancy typing that list out again

Indicator lamps
All models, RH, up to 4D321637 - exc: MGZT/ZT-T XBD 000100
All models, RH, from 4D321638 - exc: MGZT/ZT-T XBD 000140
All models, LH, up to 4D321637 - exc: MGZT/ZT-T XBD 000110
All models, LH, from 4D321638 - exc: MGZT/ZT-T XBD 000110
MG ZT/ZT-T, all models, up to 4D321637 XBD 000010
MG ZT/ZT-T, all models, from 4D321638 XBD 000180

Rear lamps
Saloon, RH - exc: MGZT XFB 101300
Saloon, LH - exc: MGZT XFB 101310
Tourer, RH - exc: MGZT-T XFB 101660
Tourer, LH - exc: MG ZT-T XFB 101670
MG ZT Saloon, RH XFB000500
MG ZT Saloon, LH XFB000510
MG ZT-T Tourer,RH XFB000520
MG ZT-T Tourer,LH XFB000530

Headlamp bulbs
Dip beam, H7, all models XZQ000210
Dip beam, H7, blue vision, from 3D261240 AZQ000020
Xenon burner,headlamp XBI000040
H11-55W, halogen,fog ( xenon lamps ) XLQ000110
H1-55W, halogen,standard,main beam, up to 4D321637 XZQ000160
H9-55W, halogen, projector, from 3D261240 XZQ 000100
Capless side lamp - bulb 501, w10/5-5 watt AFU4481
Side light, blue vision - bulb 501, w10/5-5 watt AZQ000030

Indicator lamp bulbs
Yellow, direction indicator - bulb-344, 21watt XZQ100190
Orange, side repeater - bulb-501, wy5 watt XZQ100210

Rear lamp bulbs
Clear, all models - bulb-382, p25/1-21watt XFT100020
Yellow, direction indicator - bulb-344,21watt XZQ100190
Rear fog, saloon - bulb-207, r19/55watt XFT100030
Capless, clear, tourer - bulb-501, w10/5-5watt AFU4481

Cooling fan blades PGG100932
Cooling fan motor (KV6) PGJ000070
Cooling fan motor (Diesel) PGJ000110

KV6 2.0/2.5 VIS (Variable Intake System)
MKE100102 - Motor assembly multi point injection/TBI (VIS motor unit, the one on the top)
MKE100110 - Motor Assy-MPI/TBI (VIS motor unit, the one on the back/side)

EKM100270 - kickplate plastic retainer clip
NGC000020 - High Tention Leads (KV6 - Front 3 HT leads)

Shock tops - RNX 100080,
Cam sensor petrol - NSC 000310
Cam senor link lead - YSB 002450
Bonnet latch - FPS 100442

LLH102660 - BREATHER PIPE KV6 - the one under the acoustic cover where the T piece breaks.

2.0L CDT - Clutch Master Cylinder - STC105480 - around £150 +VAT
Clutch Slave Cylinder with bearing - UUB 105301 - around £95 +VAT

JKR100183 has been superseded.
Now use part "JKR000030"

Housing- Bonnet release coupler FTU 000010 (this can go out of shape)
Shuttle - Bonnet release coupler FTX 000010

RBM100240 Front Anti-Roll bar
RGD100572 Rear Anti-Roll bar LH
RGD100562 Rear Anti-Roll bar RH
SSB000150 Front ABS (Antilock Braking System) sensor
SSB000160 Rear ABS sensor

Plenum drain tube part number is ECX100081.ECX100081 Tube-secondary bulkhead drain - 105mm

Saloon Boot Carpet Retainer Clips
EYC000400 Clip (male) at £0.68/each
EYC000410 Clip (female) at £0.68/each

XBV100710 - Rubber headlamp cover, (removed when changing dipped beam bulbs).
CZM100050 - Fastener-Drive, (thumbscrew fastener for attaching front wheelarch access panels

CLG000020 Panel £3.38
CZM100050 Fastener Drive £1.28
KZM000040 Retainer Trim £0.77 You shouldn't need this, its fixed to the inner wing liner

Parts to fix thermostat housing leak:
PEM101050 KV6 thermostat
PEP103270 Coolant pipe assembly
PEP101970 Coolant pipe assembly
PYC101320 Clip for coolant pipe (2 off)

ETB100970 Bonnet liner

KZM000050 Fastener-quick release (Undertray fixings)

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