Part number needed please... by Mad-Monkey

I need the part number for the bolts that hold the driver's and passenger's seat in. Had a right game removing two of them today. They had either siezed or I had over tightened them and were impossible to remove. Complete stripped the head trying to remove them so drilled them out. Now my passenger seat is held in by two bolts :shock: :shock: :o Luckily I don't need to drive it until I can get some spares. :|

I also need a part number for the white plastic collar on the rear folding seat back. It fits into the hinge type jobby and then the seat slots into it to fold up and down.

Many Thanks

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Think it will be:
Part No: HYP100431 Bolt-special-front seat - seat slide to floor x8 required £1.01 + VAT Each

Cannot see the other part clerarly but look at attached PDF

MGZT Rear Seats.pdf

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Did reply to this but the site seems to have died and lost the reply.

From rimmerbros site, it seems the plastic part is HTP100061. Doesn't appear on all rear seat listings but is here:

Easily broken, too!


and I may have some seat bolts (used) in the Garage somewhere if you need them in a hurry.

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Thanks chaps.

Thanks for the offer Duncan but for a few quid I may as well get some new ones. Make me feel a bit safer, I think I might replace all of them seeing as they've been out more than a few times!!

Just need to sort the smartnav now! :)

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