Our new Tourer by carlpenn

Picked up our new Tourer today, fairly nice drive home. All seems ok, except for a couple of niggly issues that I missed when first looking at it.

1. There is a whining / Humming noise when driving, sounds like a front bearing.

2. The "Door Open" light is on all the time (how on earth did I miss that lol)

Otherwise, cool :)

Cosmetically, there is a drivers side rear bumper corner chrome strip to replace and the Indicator unit as it has a small piece missing from it.

The Wheels are Unions and are almost perfect, no Kerbing damage at all and not sure if its just muck or a scuff but just a couple of whatever they turn out to be. Haven't washed it yet :p But it seriously does need one, I don't think its seen soap for at least 12 months :(


Its a 2.0 CDT Connoisseur, with Cruise, Heated Electric Leather seats and thats it for the Connoisseur options.

I am thinking, if it is possible, to take off some of the other bits from my Conny SE, such as the Dipping Mirror etc. I am going to whip the Carpets out of the V6 as they are better than in the Tourer, also will be switching the front seats for the Drivers memory function. Not sure if its possible, but I may be taking the rear parking sensors from the V6 as well as the front headlight wash system oh and of course, my Drivers side cup holder lol.

Oh and his name is "Walter" (after my Grandad :) )

Fitted Electric Memory Seat, Leather Cubby Lid, Wood Dash, Message Centre.

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Welcome to the community Walter. Treat your new boss with the respect he has come to expect. :)

Posted 26 Jul 2011, 16:10 #2 

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zt rob
nice one carl i feel a camping trip coming on maybe

Posted 26 Jul 2011, 21:44 #3