Osram Night Breaker Plus by Mick

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Fitted a set of these to replace the H1 and H7's on my ZT. The difference between standard and these night breakers is substantial, they will make this winters night driving a lot less stressful.
I hope these last well, the OEM headlight bulbs have lasted 7 years, the first failure occurred last week.
H1's £12.95 per pair, H7's £14.50 per pair from AP Motorstore via Amazon. Allegedly 50% longer life than the previous version. However long that was.

Posted 23 Oct 2011, 11:54 #1 

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I fitted a set of Night Breakers (H7) in July last year. Just 7 month and 5,617 miles later I have to replace one of them.

Now I've ordered a set of Osram Ultra Life again. Last time they lasted for 23,028 miles of everyday DRL usage (more than 2 years).

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Posted 15 Feb 2014, 20:34 #2 

Mick you have done well if over 7 years you did not have a bulb go - unless you only drive 200 miles a year and only in the light.

I find the dipped beams go fairly often - until last year 25,000 miles pa now 20,000. However, in driving 200,000 miles of driving 75s the first main beam has gone.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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The asylum doors are locked at dusk. :oops:

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hi.i fitted these also for my dip/full and spots last summer after a freind reccommended them to me.I have to say they are brilliant so far,so much better than the phillips bulbs or whatever they were i took out,its a pleasure to use them at night!
i did mine whilst the front was off to replace the cooling fan and rad etc,which made it easy,a much whiter light and you can see at 70-80 on dip now,

Posted 18 Feb 2014, 22:10 #5