One shouldn't laugh....but.. by Zeb

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Many moons ago I lived in Portsmouth, a guy parked his VW beetle on the same slipway and they finally caught it over on the Gosport side. Good floaters the old VW beetles.

Posted 19 Jul 2011, 11:18 #2 

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When I was a kid, i used to love watching the holiday makers back their cars down to the waters edge to launch their lil speedboats from the sand to avoid queuing up on a slipway 1/2 mile away. They failed to realise that the sand was only an inch or two deep, and under it was soft clay, the local farmer used to make a fortune pulling the vehicles out of the mud.. heh heh..

Some peeps spent far to much time trying to get out themselves, and the tide came in.. uh ohhh... I did used to larf.. heh heh.. :D

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Lots of locations like that down here - they're pretty well signposted warning of tidal water levels

To coin a phrase - what a prat

Posted 20 Jul 2011, 23:33 #5