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Rang today in the latest instalment of trying to find realistically priced insurance so we thought we'd give AF a ring.

Spoke to someone on the phone, who when told we needed to add me onto the policy as a named driver, couldn't get off the phone quick enough due to my age - 22.

This, if anything is a tadd confusing as I know of 22yr olds who are with AF on their own policy, so how being a named driver makes any difference, I don't know.

If someone from AF could explain, I'd be appreciative.

Posted 20 Aug 2012, 19:38 #1 

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I rang up to get a quote and they told me £2,300 for a 53 plate 1.8T Connoisseur SE. I can get a V8 insured for less. It confuses me. Really does. Admiral only wanted £778.
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Posted 06 Jun 2013, 00:13 #2 

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Be careful with Admiral. You will need to tell them all of the factory options on your car as well as any modifications. With them, factory options ARE modifications and you will be charged as such. This will apply, even if there's no way of knowing if something on your car was standard or a factory option. They may also record them incorrectly, so check your policy carefully for errors. I will be leaving them at the earliest opportunity as I can't stand arrogance as displayed by their customer 'services'.

Posted 06 Jun 2013, 17:24 #3