Oil leaks? by Duncan

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As I arrived home this evening, I saw a group of people looking under the bonnet of a facelift tourer. After parking up I walked back to see if I (we) could be of any help.

Apparently the car has an intermittent engine oil leak. Sometimes it will produce quite a pool, other times a few drips, but so far untraceable.

The car has been with Halfrauds (I know) for quite some time, and they have managed to achieve only one thing, losing the undertray.
So does anyone have any ideas where the oil might be coming from? I suggested a first port of call was to replace the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve) filter, but are there any other known leak points?

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Bump. Really no-one with any ideas?

Posted 21 Oct 2011, 18:05 #2 

What about the o rings that we replace with viton? When I had the bumper off mine for the radiator fan at the September nano, arctic noticed that I had fitted mine poorly. When I removed them to re-fit them properly, I could see oil in the cooler (which arctic says is normal).
If there is a breather problem ( maybe pcv ) he may get high pressure in the crankcase and have oil blow back up the dipstick, or out of the oring seals.
I'm presuming it's a diesel though, but, the same principle applies to the engine breather on petrol engines. If it's blocked, the crankcase will over pressurise.
Don't know if it helps at all, but, that's my thoughts. I changed mine at the October nano, so it was fresh in my mind.


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Yes it's a diesel. Dipstick was my thought but he said no sign of any from there. The Orings you refer to are on the air intake and I would expect if there was a lot of oil there the engine would be making grey/blue smoke. However it's oil on the floor that's the problem.

Posted 21 Oct 2011, 19:59 #4 

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What about the Oil Cooler leaking? (Not sure if just on Auto models)
The "O" rings when mine blew out covered the bottom half of engine in oil, admittedly over a few thousand miles till spotted. :em:
PCV as mentioned a common thing, and check pipes on EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) valve or bypass in case detached etc.

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