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I just purchased an oil catch tank and was looking for advice on how to fit, no instructions in the box.
To tell the truth all i know is it is a recommended add on but not totally sure how it works, i'll try to describe what mine looks like.
bracket to secure to car
two pipes on top, obviously for in and out
to outlets on the side which join each other with transparent tube??
screw on the top??
and screw on the bottom, to drain excess oil?it seems to be magnetized
plus an added threaded pipe connector that the thread only fits the top screw
also added pic

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there is a lot of information on the other side about how they work and where they go (should i really be saying this :scared: :mrgreen: ) but as a basic overview, all they do it remove the oil from the breather pipes that enter the plastic inlet manifold (the oil, not the pipes). the oil can damage vis motors and contributes to the failure of the power valve arm (falls off the valves and rattels) so fitting one is a good way to slow down wear. however, a little oil is neded for lubrication.

the two outlets that join each other is simple a sight guage, so you know how much oil the tank has collected.
screw on top will be an inspection hole i would have thought
the screw on the bottom is the drain pulg, and its magnetised to collect any fragments of metal, exactly the same as a sump plug

they tend to work better if there is a metal cleaning pad in the tank, but would work even better if it had baffel plates in.
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