Off to Scotland by kandyman

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On the 2nd July we will be heading up to Scotland for our yearly 2 week break visiting some family.

The last 2 years I have taken info from the onboard trip computer, Well see what happens this time.

440.7 miles
33.2 Av mpg
67.1 Av mph

432.04 miles
33.4 MPG
50.8 Av mph

Posted 22 Jun 2011, 17:54 #1 

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You and the Girls have a good break Andy.

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Posted 22 Jun 2011, 20:19 #2 

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Enjoy the break up there. :)

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Posted 22 Jun 2011, 20:24 #3 

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Have a good time Andy :D

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Have a good time mate! I hope your brochure arrives before you go ;)
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Posted 22 Jun 2011, 20:36 #5 

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Give us a wave as you go by. :)

Posted 22 Jun 2011, 20:54 #6 

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Wave to me too! :lol: Have yourselves a great time, hope the weather holds out for you :)

I'm gonna wager on 428.3 mile round trip (I reckon you'll find a short cut somewhere! ;)) and you'll average 33.2 mpg with an average speed of 51.8 mph. :thumbsup:

Posted 22 Jun 2011, 20:59 #7 

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Have a great trip Andy! :-)

(Walks away muttering wishing our V6 did that to the gallon!)

Posted 22 Jun 2011, 21:38 #8 

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Have a great trip.

We haven't been up to Bonnie Scotland for a couple of years now. Might have to have a trawl round the holiday home sites....
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Posted 22 Jun 2011, 22:06 #9 

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33.2 Av mpg

I wish

Have a great trip

Posted 22 Jun 2011, 22:10 #10 

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Gren 24
Hi Andy,
Up here in Scotland at the moment.Up in the Black Isle and Stopping just outside Nairn.Really enjoying the drive in Matilda my Tourer. Don't now how many MPG,Just making the most of it all.Have a good time up here when you cum.(even getting a bit of a suntan and seen the Dolphins a few times).Hope the weather holds for you,will try to leave it here!!!.

Posted 30 Jun 2011, 20:23 #11