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Not been on line much this wekend, not for the want of trying, for the last week or so the broadband modem has been failing to lock on. first time it went off I booked a tech visit but it came back on before appointment, so being a decent chap I cancelled the appointment. Went back off within hours :( , booked 2nd visit, engineer turns up and it's working fine :confused: . Sat lunch off it goes again, ring NTL ealiest visit is now Tues 4pm to 7pm :(. bloody thing came back on this afternoon. See what he says on Tuesday eve. :(

I gave them a hard time on the phone, (when I could understand them) after all the phone tv package and tinternet is over £60 per month and yup they have offered a loss of service refund...........................£2.90 :shock:
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Posted 10 Apr 2011, 18:42 #1 

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Sorry to hear of your problems Dave.
Have spare modem if any help but for wired system, my old BT wireless router.

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Thought it was quite around here ;)

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NTL = No Telephone Line - you should know better ;)

Posted 11 Apr 2011, 16:20 #4 

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Their customer service is not great but their speed and reliability is streets ahead of anyone else. (Virgin Media)
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