Now I've seen it all.... by SpongeBob

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I've seen some things that are unbelievable but this one truly takes the biscuit. Apparently you directly wire it to the battery, effectively shorting it. This gives you increased fuel efficiency, more torque, better power delivery.... the list of "advantages" is quite compelling, but complete and utter ballcocks. I've never heard anything so unreal in my life. At best it's just an empty box, at worse it'll sort your battery terminals and ruin your battery.

Let the ridicule and laughter commence....

Posted 30 Sep 2010, 22:13 #1 

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Ah yes but it does have the all important "fuse". :gmc: I like a good fuse. :panic:

Posted 30 Sep 2010, 22:37 #2 

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Mick wrote:Ah yes but it does have the all important "fuse". :gmc: I like a good fuse. :panic:

It would seem so
You will receive a magic booster (fused)
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Posted 30 Sep 2010, 22:40 #3 

if were not forgeting, a fuse is a tube with a wire in it, so it is exactly what is says. however this is my favorite line
It is made with 100% japanese best grade electronic parts.
it must be good if its the best?
who would have thought a battery short could be so technologically advanced? cheap at £28 though :lol:
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Posted 30 Sep 2010, 22:45 #4 

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One of the neg feedbacks says it's just a condensor (capacitor). Wonder if they took it apart.

In fact, the tube is filled with a very special kind of oil......

Posted 01 Oct 2010, 15:01 #5