Nothing but showing off... :-) by Mad-Monkey

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Still waiting for my PSU bracket, but finally plugged in and booted. Installed Windows 7 and thought I'd erm... just show off really!

Dual Hex-processors 2.666ghz, 12gb ram, and two 160gb ssd lsi raid 1 for OS HDD, blu-ray writer and multi-memory card reader. Still need to install the other HDD's, install a proper graphics card and upgrade the ram, but it works a charm and bloody hell its fast! :mrgreen: Sounds like a 747 taking off but should be quieter once installed into the rack.

Thanks to all those who offered my some assistance in my build, it has been appreciated. :thumbsup:

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Posted 04 Jul 2010, 15:07 #1 

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Does it clean the plenums?
Photobucket = Tossers


Posted 04 Jul 2010, 16:23 #2 

No but it tells me it should often enough! :mrgreen:

Posted 04 Jul 2010, 16:39 #3 

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There's nothing wrong in showing off :thumbsup: (cool)....

............... Looks a good system.............. you Poser! :lol: :lol:

Posted 04 Jul 2010, 18:31 #4 

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Nice machine indeed, David. [insert envy smiley here ;) ]
And these SSDs are really boosters for performance.

All you've to do now is to give all that cores something to crunch ... :D

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Posted 04 Jul 2010, 19:42 #5 

Thanks guys! Hopefully it will be having a lot of HD video to go through and a lot of graphic design. Just need to sort myself out with a decent monitor as I stole a 14" LCD from work for testing and the windows 7 install :lol: Doesn't really do it justice!! Now that I know it works I can plod merrily along with adding bits to it now. It has been sat for a couple of months with nothing tested and I was getting a bit fidgety!

Posted 04 Jul 2010, 19:59 #6