Not much to worry about then. by Jumper

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Not much to worry about after all.

Ah well, that’s it for another year. MOT over with. No advisories. No ifs or buts. It’s all on paper as well. And as has been said elsewhere, it doesn’t matter a damn. I asked the tester what I should produce if pulled up by the police. He said “Pulled by the fuzz? That can be painful, wait until he lets go before you wince and whatever you do, don’t cross your legs”. So it seems that if a keystroke has been missed you are not legal until you can prove otherwise. No matter what the mild-mannered and minimal-coiffeur police officer offers in that non-patronising, gently humoured initial address he took so much trouble over at Hendon.

It wasn’t the same tester as last year. This one hadn’t left his delightfully decorative barbed wire round his neck. And, although it was obvious he’d forgotten where he’d parked his razor for a few days, his face was about as fertile as Atacama. Just the occasional random sprouting ‘twixt the arid expanses. I was thankful he hadn’t explored the ‘Exotica Erotica Range’ of gel.

Seem to regard the MOT as a second, honorary birthday these days. I know H.M. has two and I seem to have accumulated more than my fair share. I was in Debenhams last week when I caught sight of myself in one of those convex mirrors. Oh yes they are - they must be - they make you look fatter than you ever could be. I realised I was admiring some stretch denim trousers with elasticated waist and thinking `ooh, they look comfortable. Plenty of Hammersmith Palais as well’. Fortunately, nobody was looking. Other than CCTV of course. But they don’t know me. Although, you never know.

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I really enjoyed that post... :D Congrats on getting through the MOT...

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A missive worthy of a round of :clap:

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