New (used) engine for a 180 HELPPPPP by John Evans

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John Evans
Blown my engine this evening collecting kids (my own, just so no-one has the wrong idea :D ).

Before anyone asks, it stopped with what I can only describe as a death rattle. Now will not turn over on the starter. Two cam belts appear intact. Fearing the worst i.e. snapped crankshaft ond or thrown con rod. Will hold post-mortem when motor out and car back on the road again.

So in desperate need of help in:
(i) tracking down a replacement engine.
(ii) finding a garage up to the task of an engine swap after first changing the cam belts and water pump. (I'll do the thermostat housing and other associated nasty plastic bits).

I should mention I am in Stroud, Gloucester. Well someone has to be.

Anyone out there (or should that be on here ????) know of a secret stash of good condition, used, low milage 2.5 kv6's ?

If a single word could sum up this unhappy event it would be..... BUGGER !
What would your word be? :wales:

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Think I've made a suggestion 'elsewhere' as I've been there quite a bit this evening sharing in a bit of excitement... yet again.
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Posted 18 Aug 2010, 19:55 #2 

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John Evans
Thanks once again Bernard.

Posted 18 Aug 2010, 21:40 #3 

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John Evans wrote:Thanks once again Bernard.

Didn't give his contact

It's Simon at

Unit 4/Sturt Farm Industrial Estate
Oxford Road
Burford, Oxfordshire, OX18 4ET
01993 823560

I've found him a straight kind of guy. Tell him Bernard with the V8 suggested that you contact him.
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Posted 18 Aug 2010, 22:04 #4 

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John Evans
Thanks for the tip-off, but they don't have one in stock at present.

Posted 19 Aug 2010, 08:51 #5 

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John Evans
Thanks for the help.
Saw the car off on the transporter this afternoon.
It should be running again when I return from holiday at the end of the month.

Posted 20 Aug 2010, 16:24 #6 

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Where did you finally find one from John?

Hope all goes well with the transplant and it's running beautifully when you get back from your Jollies

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Posted 20 Aug 2010, 17:21 #7 

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John Evans
My car is back on the road and running better than ever.

Many thanks to Corin Messenger who supplied and fitted the replacement engine, new belts, water pump etc.

This took longer than I hoped as the engine let-go when Corin didn't have an available slot to fit the car into immediately, but he is a good sport (and great mechanic) and he let me ship the car to him to sit while I swanned off on holiday.

There is now such a transformation that it is likely I bought the car 18 months or so ago with a duff engine.

When stripped, my engine had a piston missing and the cylinder liner and block had a rather large gouge taken out of them by the flailing conrod and gudgeon pin.
The cause is likely to be waterpump bearing failure resulting in timing belt slippage and timing error. With hindsight there was always a very small water leak, reduced by fitting a new thermostat and associated plastic bits but never fully eliminated.

On a positive note, I now have increased performance, a smoother running engine, new timing belts etc. and autobox oil changed.
I have also got to know a knowledgeable and capable MG/Rover mechanic who will be getting my car for any future works and I recommend him unreservedly.

Posted 16 Sep 2010, 14:46 #8 

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(Site Admin)
Sounds about par for the course with Corin.

For those that don't know Corins forum user name is HotblackDesiato

Posted 16 Sep 2010, 15:43 #9