New mind required. by Messenger

New head, mind? Anyone? No part ex current one unserviceable.
New life to fill new mind also needed, must be powerful enough to deal with everyday life and encourage host to get a reason to get up.
Must be able to adapt to work in the future before. New host ran out of cash a while ago so must be free.

Posted 08 Oct 2012, 11:14 #1 

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Sounds serious. Afraid I don't have a spare, as mine is also somewhat underperforming these days.

Posted 08 Oct 2012, 11:36 #2 

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Borg Warner
Sounds serious

and familiar....

Posted 08 Oct 2012, 13:55 #3 

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Corin....your mind is fine..(and yes I AM in a good position to judge ;) ) is a new direction you seek mate...

Posted 08 Oct 2012, 20:33 #4 

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Gate Keeper
Are we talking about a new business venture here or a merger with a new business partner? who would take the reigns and allow you to get on with what you very successful at doing - restoring, repairing and getting our cars back on the road. Or am I barking mad? and if I am Corin errr welcome to the club mate

Posted 10 Oct 2012, 12:42 #5