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Hello - I'm Anthony Bainbridge (just turned 70) and joined this forum a week ago. I've owned a 75 Tourer since 2004, and have just sold my older '02 and bought a 04/05 post-facelift manual diesel Tourer with 79000 on the clock. It's going to need some work to get it up to where I want it to be (having I judge been neglected by two previous owners), so I'll be trawling for ideas and kit, starting with Arctic's compensator. I'm in Wiltshire between Salisbury and Warminster - is anyone else based around here?

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Not personally in your area, but a very warm welcome to you. :)

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I'm about 30 miles from Salisbury, but in the other direction towards Southampton......

Welcome to the Club as they say......
Regards, Bill


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Welcome Anthony,

Hope you enjoy your stay here, any questions just ask away.

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