New battery after 7 years by stroheim

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For about a year now had increasingly false alarm problems after locking the car and recently the battery drained quickly after watching TV in the car while 'er indoors' was shopping, she was not please when I had to call someone to jump start and I was only watching for about 20 mins so I bought a new battery and I have had no false alarms since. I suppose not bad for 71/2 years. Strangely enough I had no starting problems with the old battery

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Generally last for about 5+ years then the problems start.
You've done well but the TV does drain the battery, I have found about 155 minutes max before tell tale signs develop.

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I'm just coming up for 7 years on the original battery. No spurious issues so far.
Mine does spend a great deal of it's life garaged. Alarm is never set, unless out and about.

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That telly is very greedy on the old battery though
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