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can everyone see the thread about National meets, on the other forum, it seems strange that its only had 1 person look at it, and normally a thread saying national meets
would have everyone looking at it !!!!

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Christopher is replying as we speak, wonder what he,ll say

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goodlittlewifey wrote:Christopher is replying as we speak, wonder what he,ll say

The only thing he could say, and i for one am glad to hear it :)
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I agree, as long as everyone can attend that wants to, and everyone be civil to one another, we wouldnt want to attend a meet that was uncomfortable
because people didnt talk to us, just because we spoke to people on both sides,
but another thought if theres national meets on both forums, our hotel bills are going to go up quite a lot, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D

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We are not planning on organising any meets under the 75ZT Community name owing to the 'formality' of it all. Sociable local meets are very attractive and much more fun. I attended a meet at Burghley House ( earlier this year and it was very enjoyable. More meets at local attractions such as these I think are very worthwhile offering something for non-car-enthusiast family members plus the added bonus of those who are interested in chatting about cars the opportunity to chat with like-minded people. It's a win-win situation :)

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I agree, I like dragging Tim round shops or parks or to see the animals ( no not the club members )

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sorry to be dim but what national meet ?
never mind i found it :gmc: :oops: :rolling:

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