My Tourer coming up for sale by podge

Well the time has come to sell my p and j.She has done hardly any miles in the last year,78,000 on the clock.Lovely condition, Copperleaf .I just cannot justify her (a project in the offing).I want her to go to a good home.2001 Club se M47 Synergy 2 etc.I will post more info soon,she will have 12 months ticket and probably 6 months tax.I will try and post a snap up.Looking for around £2,500 does that sound fair?Iam not leaving the club though!Pete.
Please be patient for any replies,I work long 12 hour shifts,so only get to check the p.c. every other day or so.Thanks.P.

Posted 03 May 2013, 18:45 #1