My Pride & Joy by yl51hfb

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Hear is some pictures of my pride and joy, paintwork is very clean for its age and stuff and its had the odd bit hear and there changed due to broken parts or lack of spare parts so you couldnt say its mint or orginal.

But it had an intresting history. It was first sold from new with the reg YC 1 in all the handbooks and service books with the Rover barcoades and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) stickers etc.

She also has nearly every option from new on her, only missing power fold mirrors and the rain sensor wiper system and cd auto changer, dispite been having the sat nav setup from new.

But she has the roof airbags, mk3 sat nav with the TV, traction control, xenons, headlamp washers and heated washer jets, warning triangle and the boot nets and the Harmon Kardon setup. But the grill got broken by a clumsy person (myself) when I needed to get the rear blind out as it had jammed and struggled to find another so had to cut a hole and used a tweeter to fill it. Works ok.

The other bodgers are the rear sill carpet protector is from the later cars as I couldnt find an early one and Rimmers no longer stock them. Got another on order for the other side.

Other bodge is the light switch module. Should be self leavling but couldnt get hold of one to program in after the other got damaged due to water so had to program a normal one in and change the codes.

Other one is the air filter, the box split at the bottom with the two clips so awaiting another so the open cone one is a tempory thing.

Hope you like her and dont look down on her small inpuraties, she still makes me look back when I park her up and ive lost count the amount I have spent on her over the years. Just taken these all today ... =slideshow

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