My front spring broke!!!! $&%@$$ by

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Orf out today and "bang" my front nearside spring went straight through one of my new tyres!! :shock: :mad1:

And -- My local garage is shut till the 4th of January!! :roll:

RAC will tow my car to a garage of my choice, but I need to find one that's open now. :roll:

Luckily I was only about 200 yards from home when the spring went so managed to get back ok, didn't do the tyre much good though!.

I will get both springs replaced, no point in only doing the one. It is now a question of where and when. :confused:

It was extremely cold here last night so I am blaming the weather.. heh heh.. :)

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Don't blame the weather James! - I know for a fact that these springs can just crack up when they have been subjected to a stream of really, really awful jokes.....!!

Seriously, that is indeed rotten luck - a spring maybe but to lose a perfectly good tyre as well is insult after injury. I had just one rear spring replaced two years ago - picked up at a former main dealer while doing the MOT and they had just the one spring to hand. I queried the wisdom of replacing just the one and they said "ideally replace them both but there's nothing in the rules which say you must.." Done 22k since and touch wood.... Would want the replacement tyre to match up though!!

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Don't forget to fit spring protectors James, there to protect the tyres :)
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With hindsight I was going to suggest that to,
But thought James would have already fitted them. :gmc:

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Nothings ever gonna crack up over my jokes, it must have overheard someone funny talkin.. lol :lol:

Good point B-R, and I do intend to stick another UniRoyal on, but as "my" garage is shut till 4th I may have to run on my spare till they can get me another one.. :confused: :roll:

Posted 26 Dec 2010, 20:45 #5 

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Just read Dave and Johns comments.. :em:

When I bought my first (White) 75 I did get some tyre protecters, cost me £8 and the garage fitted them for free.. But somehow I overlooked fitting them on this car... Do'hhh :em: :roll:

Posted 26 Dec 2010, 20:50 #6 

Have not looked but there were some front legs for sale with spring and shock already assembled - a very easy job to change them over.

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Thanks for that Paul, but I don't fancy messing about in the rain and snow and fortunately I still have the ZX I can use.. :)

I will wait till a garage opens locally then get the RAC to tow the car to them for me.. :thumbsup:

Just had another look at my car, seems I was lucky not to do more damage, as the front bumper is only half an inch off the ground!! It is actually touching the snow... :shock:

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Well a local garage agreed to fix my car for me, phoned the RAC again and gave them the addy of said garage, they said great, we will send a truck to tow you there.. (only a mile away) :)

I did remind them that my car is at the rear of a row of terraces so nothing bigger than a large tranny van would be any use.. :)

You got it! 3 hours later a HUGE low loader turned up!! :shock:

The driver took the wheel off and managed to twist the broken spring round so it was not interfering with the wheel. (?) and put the skinny temp one on, then asked me to start the car...*the plan being to drive the car round onto the main road*

Hmm I was prepared to see what happened if the car was moved forward very very slowly.. But as it happened the battery was dead flat!! ??? :em:

Dunno how that happened! But anyway, he gave up and phoned in, he then told me the RAC would send a smaller truck tomorrow, and orf he went.. :confused:

Meanwhile--my PC monitor seems to have packed up!! took ages to come on yesterday, didn't come on at all today.. So am using a lil 12 inch spare one I have.. :roll:

Will ring viewsonic tomorrow ----- *sigh* :roll:

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Update:- The next day yet another HUGE tow truck turned up! No way it could get to my car, so the driver phoned the RAC for a smaller one.. Twenty mins later an RAC van came, it them towed my car out onto the road, and then unconnected and left again??? The garage is only 800 yards up the road??

Anyway, the big truck took over and 45 mins later we were at the garage in question..

I explained my problem to the mechanic owner and he said he would ring me when it was done..

I got a phone call saying the car was sortof ready? It transpired he had only managed to get hold of one front spring, and had not been able to get the tire I wanted but had put the spacesaver on the back so it was more driveable.. :)

I promptly went down to get the car as time was knocking on. On arrival the mech said he had charged the battery for me so it was all ready.. I asked him how much I owed and he said "pay me when I get the tire and spring for you, but we are shut till next Tuesday, so i will ring you OK".. :shock:

Unusually trusting innit!! I might leave the country now! lol.. :lol:

But... My car is still not fully repaired.. So the saga goes on... :em:

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