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It is refreshing to read a member in a position to repair there car rather than get rid. Most after there car had gone for a swim would of cut there losses and got a replacement.

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Finally it works!
I fitted the brand new ABS (Antilock Braking System)/TC control unit mentioned earlier, and yes! the TC/light came on.....

Thanks to Chris in Portsmouth and his patience with me and the car he told the computer (T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) Session) on the car to talk to the Newby (ABS unit) and stop messing about and it worked! I have driven the car for over 260 miles so far without issue.

So the warning goes out .... don't drive through a flood, at breakneck speed anyway, if you do (by not realising it is wet water!) and speedo, ABS, TC, Park Brake etc., etc., light come on; look at the multiplug on the ABS unit first and go from there.

Sadly; now that's all done and a fortune spent (plugs, coil Packs, wiring looms, ABS modules, all new AC and heater components the list is endless) I have to sell the car as I just don't have the room for it now. I bought another car as a daily while repairing the car but found it more practical, around here for a start, but also with all the towing and lugging I am now doing.
Chuck; Dorset UK.
Don't take life so seriously.... it is not permanent! I now have its Granddad ... A 1963 P5 Coupe'

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