More troubles with my ZTT diesel by mgpete

Yet again I am having more running troubles with my ZTT cdti. Was off the road for 11 months after letting me down previously, finally back in use a few weeks back after replacing the fuel pump which I was led to believe was the likely culprit then. Anyway, got it MOT tested and been back in use for 1000 miles or so. Only problem I had experienced was a couple of times it stalled when stationary and going from forward to reverse, started straight away and ran fine afterwards so didnt worry about it. This morning on the motorway at 70, she coughed a couple of times like she was going to stall but seemed to clear and was fine. Went out to it an hour or so back and she wouldnt start at all, turning over but no hint of firing. Left for a while gone out again and she started first turn of key and ran smoothly. Has had a new in tank fuel pump, 2 injectors replaced others tested, where do I go from here?. This car is great when she is running right but is just not dependable at the moment. Has been a money pit from day 1

Posted 07 Nov 2016, 15:55 #1 

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I think you need to get a T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) session. There are a few possibilities, including crank sensor or the other fuel pumps (there are three in total).

The fact it fails when hot, but then is OK when it cools down suggest crank sensor to me because both crank and cam sensors fail when hot.

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Thanks for your swift reply Duncan, the plot thickens overnight. Went to it this morning and wont start again, just turning over but not firing.
Had a chap at work put his snapon diagnostic kit on it yesterday, showed faults on injector and fuel pressure but these have not been reset in my ownership so may well have been there for some time.

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