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Kandyman posted a list of Rover 75 accolades (the post is now locked), but it is still receiving them. My neighbour 'Googled' what is the most comfortable car seat and it came up as Rover 75.

So I checked and in 2011, Auto Express ran a survey. Rover 75 came out top for the most comfortable seats and top for the most comfortable ride (as it did in 2006). The amazing thing is that the 75 was at least 6 years old and out of production, yet it was competing with current cars, such as BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Jaguar XF.


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The 75 came first in 2011, Survey results here: ... de-quality

What you said: "The Rover 75 is the most comfortable cruiser I have ever owned. Beautifully styled, reliable and easy to run. Who could ask for more?" - Rover 75 V6 Driver

The 75 came 2nd in 2010 (MG ZT came 18th): ... de-quality

2. Rover 75 – “I've had my 75 for four years now and it's never let me down. The running cost are very good for such a big car, it rides like a limo and has the build quality to shame the German brands.” Mr Steven Smith, Rossendale, Lancashire.

Fitted Electric Memory Seat, Leather Cubby Lid, Wood Dash, Message Centre.

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Deduct 10 points for every inch above 15 you have for wheel size though.. heh heh...

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