mk4 satnav software by david2000

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hi to all
I bought the new 2016 high dvd road map Europe which came with a v32 custom software I can change the splash screen image but I don't know what the correct iso format
the file format on the disc is cdfs and when I create a image file from disc I says iso 9660 mode1\2048 but there are so many mode1\2048 settings I don't know where to start does anyone know what is the correct iso setting
mode1\2048 iso9660
mode1\2048 iso9660+joilet
mode1\2048 iso9660+joilet+udf
mode1\2048 iso9660+udf
plus there are other settings
can anyone help
all the best david

Posted 24 Jun 2016, 21:58 #1